Power Supply

Transformers_mediumThe EPI-LX and EPI-LX-R power supply series is built to the highest safety standard, with built-in circuit breakers on the primary and secondary sides. The load is divided in the interface board into separate circuits to provide SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage).

Additionally, the EPI-LX-R has a built-in regulator board that serves as an intelligent switch to enable/disable the line voltage in such a way that switching/pulsing does not harm the power supply’s toroidal coil(s).

The power supply’s mechanical design is both functional and installation friendly. This slim and congenial design is made from extruded aluminum profiles providing a high performance cooling structure as well as an enclosure eliminating air sound. Sound is also reduced by the high quality winding of the coils themselves, thus making the power supply essentially silent. All vibrating parts are isolated, thereby eliminating the transmission of noise through the building structure.


  • Designed to be easy to install and fit in wall cavity
  • “Soft” switching of toroidal transformers
  • 20 EPI-LX-R power supplies can be switched on from one controller
  • Trusted, refined, and perfected regulation technology
  • Maximizes energy efficiency of any STEP®® system
  • Field accessible for primary voltage changes
  • The interface and regulator boards are both RoHS compliant
  • Primary voltage 120V, 208V or 240V AC or DC, 50/60 Hz
  • Secondary voltage is normally 24V, but can be special ordered for 12V up to 30V
  • Circuit breakers on the primary and secondary side
  • Each secondary circuit is rated not to exceed 25 amperes, having a maximum out put of 500 VA
  • SELV circuits

Sizes and Weight

All models: Width: 6.9″ (185mm), Depth: 3.5″ (89mm)

  Height Weight
Model in mm lb kg
EPI-LX-R-250 14.375 365 14 6.4
EPI-LX-R-500 14.375 365 17 7.7
EPI-LX-R-1000 22.375 568 28 12.7
EPI-LX-R-1500 28.375 721 41 18.6
EPI-LX-250 7.4375 189 8 3.6
EPI-LX-500 11.000 279 15 6.8
EPI-LX-1000 18.6875 475 26 11.8
EPI-LX-1500 24.625 625 39 17.7