Electro Plastics is an original equipment manufacturer, and we design custom heating solutions. Our heating elements have been used in dozens of industries, from transportation to agriculture to health care.

Self-regulating heating pad, powered by wind and solar, to keep equipment in polar stations warm in Antarctica

The polar stations collect data for glaciology and solid earth deformation research. To endure such severe weather and still accurately measure all data, the polar stations are buried as a buffer against the strong winds and temperature swings. They also use wind and solar power sources. Their equipment stays warm using our custom-made Electro Plastics® heating pad, powered by solar and wind energy. The pad is able to keep the equipment warm without any hotspots because of the self-regulating technology.




Custom-made trim to prevent DNA coolers from freezing shut

At the National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University, researchers use the macromolecular crystallography facility to read DNA. The DNA is stored in tall, round coolers, called cassettes, at freezing temperatures. To keep the lid of the cassette from freezing, we made a custom-made trim to attach to the lid and heated it to just above freezing temperature, using only 12 volts. The temperature was just warm enough to open the lid but still cold enough to keep the DNA completely crystallized.


Heat narrow spaces in your motorhome

In this motor home, we installed the STEP RV® heating element in the floor throughout the whole area, including the bathroom. We also put the heating elements under the bed and the seat cushions so the owners were always comfortable throughout the home.





Solutions For Any Industry

Radiant heat and floor warming
Walkway snow-melting
Stair and step snow-melting
Roof and gutter snow-melting
Pool heat
Work station comfort heat
Septic tank heater
Aquarium heater
Reptile cage heater
Heated blankets
Transport trailer radiant heat
Dog house radiant heat
Operating table heater
Animal pen comfort heat
All weather starting bed heater
Green tables and nursery
Vine tank fermentation heater
Stadium bench/seat heat
Portable cushion heat
Sleeping bag heat
Body comfort heat
Shipping container heat
Loading dock snow melting
Truck trailer heat
Truck comfort cab radiant heat
Seat heater
Floor board heater
Exterior mirror heater
Dump truck bed heater
Seat heater
Floor board heater
Exterior mirror heater
Satellite dish anti-icing and snow melting
Battery box heaters for transmitters
Casualty warmer
Torso warmer
Gurney heater
IV Fluid heater
Telemetry box heater
Electronics heater
Laboratory heater
Product curing heater
Recreational Vehicles
Radiant heat
Tank frost prevention
Hospital bed heater
Operating table heater
IV Fluid heater
Body wrap for localized heat
Ambulance radiant heat
Ambulance pharmaceutical storage heat
Oil rig deck and walkway anti-icing
Tank heater
Living/work space radiant heat
Consumer Products
Heating pads and foot heaters
Under rug heater
Under desk foot heater
Heated bedding
Food Service
Heated food transport containers for caterers
(bags, cases, trays)
Heated pizza delivery bags
Freezer frost heave prevention