STEP® Marine


STEP® Marine is a conductive low-voltage plastic heating system that prevents accumulation of ice and snow. This heating and de-icing solution provides the same safety for personnel and deck equipment while reducing the maintenance costs associated with warm-water solutions.

The element is self-regulating and cannot overheat. The nature of the material automatically reduces or increases its heat output to adjust to temperature changes.

The element is wide and flat, giving an optimal heat transfer to steel or aluminum surfaces. The elements are embedded in a heat retention material forming a unique heat retaining system which reduces heat loss. When bonded to metal sheets, heat is transferred and retained in the ship deck, bulkhead or walls.

STEP® Marine can be installed on most surfaces, including under decks, in walls and more. It is designed for a lifetime continuous duty on 24V, AC or DC.

Our deicing and radiant heating systems have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance.

STEP® Marine Deicing

The STEP® Marine has been installed on many sea vessels, including many in the NOAA fleet and the Prince Williams Sound Series. The vessels and tugboats endure hundreds of inches of snowfall and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. The spray from the ocean freezes on the decks and bulk heads, causing instability and ice accumulation.

When the STEP® Marine heating elements are installed in the walls and under the deck, the spray and water hit a surface just above freezing temperatures, leaving no opportunity for ice buildup.

STEP® Marine Radiant Heat

Our radiant heat Electro Plastics product offers heating solutions for vessels and yachts. The element can be installed under most floor coverings, including ceramic and porcelain tile, natural stone, hardwood and laminates, resilient and carpet.

STEP® Marine radiant heat has been installed in many yachts to provide ultimate comfort and take away the chill of cold tiles in the yachts’ kitchens and bathrooms.