STEP® Products

Self-regulating Technology of Electro Plastics


Low voltage (24V, AC or DC), positive temperature coefficient (PTC) self-regulating semi-conductive polymer. Patented. Cut to size with 174 feet (53 meters) maximum shipping spool length. Available slotted or non-slotted.
Safety extra low voltage isolating power supply. 120/208/230 VAC primary and 24 VAC secondary. Extruded aluminum profile exclosure with heat sink. Primary and secondary circuit protection. RoHS compliant interface and regulator board. For indoor use only. Patented.
EPI-LX available in 250W and 500W only.
EPI-LX-R available in 250W, 500W, 1000W and 1500W.
EPI-LX-TC thermostat can be used with all STEP radiant heating systems in conjuction with the EPI-LX-R power supply series. The low-voltage (24V) thermostat can control up to 20 power supplies or 20 DC controllers.
Extension Wire
#14, #12 or #10 AWG stranded tinned copper (TCu) PVC insulated wire, 300 VAC, 105° C. Used to extend heating element bus braid wires to EPI-LX/EPI-LX-R power supply.
Color Code: -B indicates black; -W indicates white; -R indicates red
Spool Length: XXX=100, 150, 250 or 500 feet
1. Connector and tape kit, includes 10 CON-DB crimp connectors, 1 15″ long piece of tape, 1 sealant tape, 1 label-1, 1 label-2, and an installation brochure. Contains materials to connect and seal five heating element strips to extension wires.
2. Used to crimp CON-DB crimp connector. TOOL-PRO crimp tool is required as it is specially designed to properly crimp
The first step to a green heating system. The DC controllers allows for off-grid sitations, smart home integration and connects directly with DC sources.